How can you book your apartment?

Welcome to Los Angeles!

Now you need to find a home! Unfortunately, finding housing in Los Angeles can be one of the most daunting and challenging tasks, especially if you’re searching for apartments or a room for rent near USC.

Most USC off campus housing complexes in Los Angeles require a 6-12 month lease. Just attempting to find quality USC short term housing can be a task in itself and more likely than not you will find yourself discontent with the options. And you’re not entirely certain a long commitment lease is the best option for you! Depending on your career or academic circumstances, a commitment to a long term lease can be extremely troublesome and too demanding.

USC off campus housing can be especially costly if you don’t not have a roommate to split the hefty price of the apartment with.

It doesn’t just end after you’ve found your new home. Setting up your utilities, furnishing your apartment and the maintenance of your apartment are just the beginning of the never ending expenditures that will avalanche on top of you. To put it simply…seeking a room for rent near USC can be a complete nightmare.

Steps in….Zuma Housing. The premier USC off campus housing company ready and dedicated in providing a first-rate service to our tenants.

Zuma Housing offers flexible USC short term housing ranging from 1 month to 12 months.

We design all of our apartments with the necessities that accommodate students and price them generously to correlate within students budget. Not to mention, after you sign a lease
with Zuma, you’re only liable for your portion of the lease….not the whole apartment!

All Zuma Apartments are fully furnished with the utilities included in the price. No hidden cost!

One click away from you, the Zuma Maintenance Team awaits to resolve any issue you are having with your apartment. All you do is send a “Maintenance Request” form, and your problem will be resolved within 48 hour. It’s THAT effortless.

Zuma Housing manages more than +600 units in the Los Angeles area. One of the many great perks of being a Zuma tenant is you always have the option to transfer to a different apartment depending on availability.

All you need to do is to fill our “Prospective Tenant Form” and inform us on your housing needs and budget! We will get back to you with the best housing option in the market!

We have confidence in the price, location and conditions of our units!

We understand it can be complicated to find an apartment or a room for rent near USC. So don’t be hesitant to ask Zuma any questions you have before you get your new apartment!