Written by Steven Toroni 

   Moving to a new city can take weeks to adjust to.  Establishing a routine is key in getting settled into new surroundings. Los Angeles is a big city. Not only is it vast in size and population, but it accommodates a wide range that makes getting around on foot difficult. Making use of the public transit system that has been put in place recently can make your time in Downtown LA.


As you enjoy your new living quarters looking out at the sleek and modern design of the Los Angeles skyline, it is best to go out and explore! The downtown area has a lot to offer for young men and women with the opportunity to meet new people and try different things. Grand Park is a relatively new park established in 2012. It represents the diversity and artistic vibe that is Los Angeles. Whether it be catching some rays during the day or enjoying music at night, Grand Park is a beautiful location that should not be neglected . Most of the events at Grand Park are affordable or even free so it is a great economic choice for students and makes for a great location to study in peace.


Grand Park offers many unique and culturally diverse options for people to experience right in the heart of DTLA. It has become the hot spot for artists, inventors, creators and entrepreneurs in the city to come together and share their vision with the community. The most exciting and captivating case for this is the Portals Project. What started as a way for people to connect all over the world has turned into a platform for vibrant individuals of all ethnicities to perform their talents for each other.  Grand Park was the first location in LA to hold the Portal experience, but it can now be found at the LA Law Library.


Maryam Hooseinzadeh created this one of a kind experience with the intent to connect people all over the world. Using modern visual and audio technology, the Portal Project allows people to step into a vessel and be transported far away to communicate with the person on the other side. The portals can be in a large container (pictured), a room with surrounded by multiple screens, an inflatable cube or even a school bus for children to get the Magic School Bus experience. The Portals Project is a great way for people from abroad to connect with their family, as well, the experience one for dialogue, learning, entertainment or nostalgia.

The Portal will be closed September 15th as it is seasonal but will be open to the public at the La Law Library in the beginning of spring.

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